定价 for Your Professional Videography Investment

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The 价值 of Using a Professional Videographer

Much in the way a home buyer leaves construction of the house to a professional builder, a business should leave the production of their video to a professional videographer. The process is streamlined and the final production is light-years beyond what an amateur could produce.


A professional video production company has a multitude of tools to shoot a much better video including the latest cameras, 录音设备, lighting and devices to keep the shot steady. 更重要的是, the company has the experience of using those tools, unlike someone who occasionally shoots video, or may be picking up the camera for the first time.


Post-production 将 make the finished video better as well. Professional editing 将 not only help tell a better story, more effectively sell a product or service, but 将 make even the simplest video have a more polished feel. There’s also the use of motion graphics, from lower thirds to 2-D and 3-D animation that a typical business has no experience with.


By hiring an outside company, a business gets a second set of eyes with which to view their products/services. The video production company spends the time to understand their client’s business, then uses this knowledge to best achieve the client’s goals with their advertising video.


Even in a fast-moving world, our videos have a long shelf-life. 通常, we can edit existing video for a fraction of the original cost, bring further value to your investment. With some planning and innovation, we can help minimize the chances that your videos become outdated too quickly.


More than a decade of experience means that we have most likely worked with clients with that have needs similar to your own. Drawing upon this experience of similar jobs, we can produce a better video and produce it in much less time. We also have extensive experience utilizing and integrating into other media. All of this frees up time for the client to focus on running their business.


号角, branding and top-of-mind-awareness 将 all help a business to sell their products and services. If a customer is ready to make a purchase, a strong offer coupled with a captivating marketing video 将 capture the sale. If a consumer is not immediately ready to make a purchase, making a lasting impression and staying top of mind with an advertising video 将 pay dividends down the road. While your competition is cranking out shaky selfie videos, you can stand out and grab a bigger market share with professional quality business video produced consistently on a monthly basis. 如果你的品牌很有趣, a series of parody videos 将 work wonders for business both immediately and into the future. If your brand has a much more serious tone, a marketing video can help illustrate how much your business cares for your customers, or show a lighter side of you and your staff. Whether you sell automobiles, provide medical services, or solve legal problems, our business videos pay for themselves many times over.

When it comes to branding and retention, research from a variety of studies indicated that it is worth the investment for a business to utilize video as part of their marketing and training processes. 他们的结论是:

Video marketing results in 66% more qualified leads annually.

Video marketing achieves a 54% increase in brand awareness.

97% of businesses say using an explainer video helps potential customers understand their business better.

Of those surveyed in one study, 81% experienced sales increases and support calls were reduced by 53%.

Presentations that include visuals like video along with slide text are 9% more effective than text alone when audience comprehension is tested right away. However, it becomes an incredible 83% more effective when those tests are delayed.


动感传媒制作 provides service on a project-by project basis, or at a highly-discounted rate with a monthly content package. As with all of all our efforts, our prices are based on the results our work 将 generate for your business. 预约电话 和我们一起去了解更多!    



article talks about why it's important to keep your marketing up to date. Let Kinetic focus on your video production and keeping it consistent while you focus on delivering your product and customer experience.

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